How to Register and Watch an Author Talk

Table of Contents

Introduction #

Author Talks are provided by your library through a special website. These Author Talks are available live to register and watch from the comfort of your own home. You can also watch recordings of the Author Talks at a later time. Let’s find out how to register and watch an Author Talk!

Registering #

To register go to the website for your library. You can find a list of participating libraries at this link. Once you have made it to the site, you can click on Upcoming Events to see the live Author Talk you can register for.

After that you will see a list of Author Talks. Click on the one you want to register for.

Then you can read the description for the Author Talk, and if you are still interested click on register.

Then fill in your information. Make sure you put in the right email address as that is how you will receive the watch link!

After that you will receive an email with the watch link. You will also receive emails 24 hours and 2 hours before the Author Talk. When you’re ready to watch click on Join Webinar.

That will take you to the watch page. You can watch the Author Talk, ask questions, and participate in the live chat all in the same page. There is no Zoom, the live video will play in your browser.

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